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Ms. Dikranuyi Nina Kucukcicekcioglu (1950-2021) Funeral Announcement.

… Ms. Dikranuyi Nina Kucukcicekcioglu  (1950-2021)  Funeral Announcement. Ms. Dikranuyi Nina Kucukcicekcioglu (Istanbul, Turkey 1950-Orange County, USA 2021 )  SURVIVED BY: Mrs. Yesabet Polatyan Mr. & Mrs. Emil and Alis Mirzakhanian and their children Sevan and Aram Mr. Sahak Polatyan and children Alec, Alexia and Alivia Singhal Family Craven Family...

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Mr. Sarkis Torosian (1933-2021) Funeral Announcement.

… Mr. Sarkis Torosian (1933-2021)  Funeral Announcement. Mr.  Sarkis Torosian  (Evereg, Turkey 1933 -Los Angeles, USA  2021) Survived By,  Mrs. Silva Torosian   (Member of Former Oia Ladies Aux.) Mrs. Vartuhi Kuyumjian Mr. & Mrs. Ohannes & Diana Torosian   (Ohannes  : Former member of YGIA, former member of SEC  Former executive committee secretary)...

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Mr. Afrem Uygan (1934-2021) Funeral Announcement.

… Mr. Afrem Uygan (1934-2021)  Funeral Announcement. Mr. Afrem Uygan ( Istanbul 1934 –  Los Angeles 2021) Survived By,  His Daughter: M/M Ronald  & Ferah Uygan-Dauzat         their children Jordan & Christine Dauzat His Son: M/M Abit  &  Natalie Mouchamel Uygan their children Afrem & Marie Uygan His Relatives:  Mrs. Beyhan Vartanyan M/M.  Anto &...

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Mr. Mardiros Giritlioglu Nurhan (1952-2021) Funeral Announcement.

… Mr. Mardiros  Nurhan Giritlioglu   (1952-2021)  Funeral Announcement.   Mr. Mardiros Nurhan Giritlioglu (1952-2021) Survived By,  His Wife: Mrs. Pepron Giritlioglu (Istanbul) His Son: Mr.& Mrs. Varujan Giritlioglu and their children.  (Istanbul) His Daughter: Mr. & Mrs. Karolin Giritlioglu  Kovzis and their Children. (Istanbul) His Brother in law: Mr. & Mrs....

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Hrant Dink 2 0 2 1

… OIA Board , Committees and membership on the occasion of the 14th Anniversary of the assassination of Hrant Dink are united in our commitment to maintain , preserve and promote his legacy . Hrant Dink , a relentless fighter and leader made the ultimate sacrifice for his ideals of...

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