Mr. Murat Venk (1944-2021) Funeral Announcement.

…  Mr. Murat Venk (1944-2021)  Funeral Announcement.   Mr. Murat Venk. (Sepastia 1944-Los Angeles 2021) It is with a heavy heart and deep sorrow we mourn the loss of our beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, cousin, uncle  and Godfather     ……… Funeral Services will be held  On Thursday, April 15, 2021  at 11:30...

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Ms. Dikranuyi Nina Kucukcicekcioglu (1950-2021) Funeral Announcement.

… Ms. Dikranuyi Nina Kucukcicekcioglu  (1950-2021)  Funeral Announcement. Ms. Dikranuyi Nina Kucukcicekcioglu (Istanbul, Turkey 1950-Orange County, USA 2021 )  SURVIVED BY: Mrs. Yesabet Polatyan Mr. & Mrs. Emil and Alis Mirzakhanian and their children Sevan and Aram Mr. Sahak Polatyan and children Alec, Alexia and Alivia Singhal Family Craven Family...

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Mr. Sarkis Torosian (1933-2021) Funeral Announcement.

… Mr. Sarkis Torosian (1933-2021)  Funeral Announcement. Mr.  Sarkis Torosian  (Evereg, Turkey 1933 -Los Angeles, USA  2021) Survived By,  Mrs. Silva Torosian   (Member of Former Oia Ladies Aux.) Mrs. Vartuhi Kuyumjian Mr. & Mrs. Ohannes & Diana Torosian   (Ohannes  : Former member of YGIA, former member of SEC  Former executive committee secretary)...

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Mr. Afrem Uygan (1934-2021) Funeral Announcement.

… Mr. Afrem Uygan (1934-2021)  Funeral Announcement. Mr. Afrem Uygan ( Istanbul 1934 –  Los Angeles 2021) Survived By,  His Daughter: M/M Ronald  & Ferah Uygan-Dauzat         their children Jordan & Christine Dauzat His Son: M/M Abit  &  Natalie Mouchamel Uygan their children Afrem & Marie Uygan His Relatives:  Mrs. Beyhan Vartanyan M/M.  Anto &...

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Mr. Mardiros Giritlioglu Nurhan (1952-2021) Funeral Announcement.

… Mr. Mardiros  Nurhan Giritlioglu   (1952-2021)  Funeral Announcement.   Mr. Mardiros Nurhan Giritlioglu (1952-2021) Survived By,  His Wife: Mrs. Pepron Giritlioglu (Istanbul) His Son: Mr.& Mrs. Varujan Giritlioglu and their children.  (Istanbul) His Daughter: Mr. & Mrs. Karolin Giritlioglu  Kovzis and their Children. (Istanbul) His Brother in law: Mr. & Mrs....

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Hrant Dink 2 0 2 1

… OIA Board , Committees and membership on the occasion of the 14th Anniversary of the assassination of Hrant Dink are united in our commitment to maintain , preserve and promote his legacy . Hrant Dink , a relentless fighter and leader made the ultimate sacrifice for his ideals of...

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