Mr. Bedros Okhanes (Shahrashian) (1950-2022) Funeral Announcement.

Bedros  A

… Mr.  Bedros Okhanes (Shahrashian)  (1950-2022)  Funeral Announcement. Mr.  Bedros Okhanes (Shahrashian)  (1950-2022) Survived by; His wife:  Mariette Minassian-Okhanes (OIA Secretary) His relatives: Tokajian, Shahrashian, Avedian, Minassian, Krjalian, Laterovian, Sanossian, Kurkjian, Tashjian, Najarian, Kevoian, Meghshian.   His many friends in the Armenian community    ……… Funeral Services will be held  on...

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Mr. Jack Hagop Ozdere (1927-2022) Funeral Announcement.

… Mr. Jack Hagop Ozdere (1927-2022)   Funeral Announcement. … Mr. Jack Hagop Ozdere (1927-2022) Dearly beloved Father, Grandfather …… Survived by His children, Ani Ozdere, Anet Ozdere & Arman Ozdere His grandchildren, Arden & Lea Ozdere His extended family and friends ….. Funeral Services will be held  on Monday, March …

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Dr. Vahram W. Biricik (1941-2022) Funeral Announcement.

Biricik 3

… Dr. Vahram W. Biricik  (1941-2022)  Funeral Announcement. Dr. Vahram W. Biricik  (1941-2022) Dearly Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather  Former President of the OIA Board of Directors   Chairman of  Stewardship Committee – Western Diocese Survived by   His wife of 58 years, Polina Biricik His daughter and son-in-law, Dr. & Mrs....

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Mr. Simon Karian (1940-2022) Funeral Announcement.

… Mr.  Simon Karian (1940-2022)  Funeral Announcement. Mr. Simon Karian November 1, 1940 – February 23, 2022 A dearly loved husband, father, and grandfather Survived By,   His loving wife of 55 years: Mrs. Mari Karian Cherished by his daughters, son-in-laws, and grandchildren. Daughter: Tania & Hagop Kasakian and children, Sassoun, …

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Passing News of Dr. Vahram Biricik

Dr. Vahram Biricik a

… Passing News It is with great sadness and profound sorrow that we announce the untimely passing of Dr. Vahram Biricik (Former President of OIA Board of Directors)  On behalf of  OIA Board of Trustees, OIA Executive Committee,  and all the committees, we convey our heartfelt condolences To His widow: …

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