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The meetings Sayat Tekir from Nor Zartonk will have In USA

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Nor Zartonk Spokeperson Sayat Tekir will attend several organizations in his visit to USA invited by ANCA-ER. We hereby list the organizations he will attend.

Meet & Greet and Round-table Discussion with Sayat Tekir of Nor Zartonk

Panel: LA

A limited group of people are invited to meet and attend a roundtable discussion with Sayat Tekir, a founding member of the Nor Zartonk movement about issues related to Armenians from Turkey, the recent Turkish Parliamentary elections, inter-community solidarity, and Nor Zartonk and their successful Kamp Armen Resistance. This smaller and more intimate event is meant to complement Tekir’s talk organized by the AYF on Sunday, November 8, at the ACF Burbank Youth Center.


Please RSVP by Thursday, November 5 (via the google event)
The discussion will mainly take place in Armenian and English and Turkish (on request).

For more information, please call 818-282-2227 (Manuk Avedikyan) or e-mail

Haytoug Talks

The AYF will be hosting its first annual Haytoug Talk, where the struggle against human rights abuses in Turkey will be the main topic of discussion. The talk will feature Sayat Tekir, the founding member of the Nor Zartonk (“New Awakening”) movement based in Istanbul.

Sayat Tekir and the Nor Zartonk movement were instrumental in the return of Kamp Armen to the Armenian community of Istanbul.

Kamp Armen was an Armenian orphanage slated for demolition and gentrification, until Nor Zartonk and solidarity activists decided to stage an indefinite sit in that lasted 175 days. In the course of their sit in they experienced overwhelming support and solidarity from local Turkish and Kurdish residents, and were also attacked on two separate occasions by fascists and ultranationalists.

Sayat will speak about these experiences, as well as the recent elections in Turkey and other relevant topics.

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