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[RICHARD MALLI�] Richard Malli� tribute � m�moire Hrant Dink

   Richard Malli� tribute � m�moire Hrant Dink

Madam Rakel Dink

Madam Minister, Hranouche Hakopian

Bishop Norvan Zakarian, repr�sentant l�Eglise Arm�nienne of France

Mr. the Mayor of Bouc Bel Air, dear Jean-Claude,

Mr l�adjoint to the Mayor of Marseille, Didier Parakian

Ladies gentlemen the �lus,

Ladies gentlemen the repr�sentants of the Arm�nienne communaut�,

And especially dear friends,

We are aujourd�hui rassembl�s, here � Bouc Bel Air to salute the d�un human d�honneur m�moire d�un man d�exception

Hrant Dink, was 53 years old, he �tait p�re of family, he spoke arm�nien, he spoke Turkish, it �tait chr�tien, he lived in Turkey Muslim country.

C��Tait a man of dialogue, c��tait a volont�man, c��tait man v�rit�.

With his assassination, c�est a moral �l�vation that �tait vis�e.

With l�assassi

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