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OIA-Bolis team to participate in the upcoming AGBU World Games.



It is with great pleasure that Organization of Istanbul Armenians (OIA) Executive Board announces the formation of OIA-Bolis team to participate in the upcoming AGBU World Games. We have a total of 42 athletes who signed up for this historic event in which OIA will be taking part for the very first time. This invitation extended to OIA is a first in the history of AGBU World Games, where a non AGBU entity has been invited to the games.


Since 1955, AGBU World Games have brought together thousands of youth from around the world to engage in sporting competitions and create lifelong bonds. Over the years, the endeavor has been held in numerous major cities such as Beirut, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Sofia, Los Angeles, Paris and Sydney. This year, AGBU World Games returned back to the capital of the Armenian Diaspora – Los Angeles! OIA-Bolis team will participate in women’s volleyball, men’s indoor soccer, as well as men’s basketball tournaments with four separate teams.


OIA Executive Board extents its heartfelt thanks to AGBU World Games Organizing Committee for their gracious invitation and the AGBU Valley Chapter for assisting us with the necessary accommodations by extending OIA the opportunity to take part in these games with OIA-Bolis team. Although athletes are required to pay a nominal fee to participate, a majority of the funding for t

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