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Los Angeles City Council Certificate of Recognition




Also I was proud to accept on behalf of all Bolsahyes that marched and supported the historic March For Justice ( the official numbers now adjusted upwards to 166,000 by the City of Los Angeles ) ;; for the recognition and appreciation certificates from the Congress of the United States and City of Los Angeles ; we thank Congresswoman Chu and our very own Councilman Paul Krekorian sharing with Herman Yaylaoglu Erlin Hekimyan Marukoglu Hagop Jack Halici Garbis Sarafian Serj BulanikianSimon Acilacoglu Sevag Shirvanian Vace Kilavuz Mark M. Kosker Ohannes Avedikyan and all other Board Members including our Exec Comm President Raffi Marukian and VP Edi Sarafoglu , Esayi Balciyan ; Garo Kurian ; Hratch Setian Aret Binatli Aram Aginian Neal Naro Cilingiryan

Honored to be joined by the visionary leader and the principal architect of the historic March for Justice Dr. Viken Hovsepian ;;; Chairman of the Committee Garo Ghazarian Talin Davidian, Chair of ANC West Nora Hovsepian , our special guest a scholar and expert of transnational justice Dr. Jermaine McCalpin as well as top clergy and members of our community that were able to partake on a memorable evening to honor our Saints who heard knocks on their door in the middle of the night 100 years ago all over Istanbul before being taken away on a voyage to death . At the end of the event we lit each other’s candles , marched to the roof and said our prayers holding our vigil . Energized by 130,000 marchers ; and the fact that there were so many so many young people amongst us … We know Justice won’t be denied .

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